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Generate Salesforce SOQL & SOSL queries without prior SQL knowledge in seconds

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Build Salesforce SOQL & SOSL queries in seconds

Query Salesforce data using only natural language. Simply write what you want to know and AI Helper Bot will build the query for you.

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Get Salesforce insights effortlessly

With the use of AI Helper Bot you can get insights from Salesforce data that were previously beyond reach. AI Helper Bot will build the query for you and you can use the results in your reports, dashboards, or other applications.

Dramatically boost your productivity

AI Helper Bot saves you time and effort by building queries for you. You can focus on the data and not on the query building.

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Build any SOQL/SOSL query needed

Write what you want to get and AI Bot will build the query for you

get accounts from New York and accounts from San Francisco
(what you write ✍️)
  BillingCity IN ('New York', 'San Francisco')
(AI generated SQL 🤖)

Frequently asked questions

AIHelperBot builds SQL queries for you based on your natural language input. It uses OpenAI to understand your input and then builds a query based on your input.

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