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Powerful SQL Generator that is Super Easy to Use

Just sign in and write what you desire using everyday language and AI Bot will build the desired SQL query. No coding required, no SQL knowledge required.

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Write In Your Own Native Language

AI Bot fully supports languages like English, Spanish, German, and many more. Matching your input with a database schema is done automatically.

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Highly Accurate and Error-Free SQL Queries for Everyone

Unlike other tools, AI Bot automatically matches and adds database schema context to your SQL queries. This ensures highly accurate and error-free SQL queries. And of course remains super easy to use.

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Save Your SQL Queries as Snippets for Later Use

Save your generated SQL queries as snippets and use them later. Snippets can be private or shared with your team.

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Connect to Database and Get Data Insights Directly

With 1-click you can connect to your database and run the AI generated SQL query. No need to wait for your data analyst to get the data insights you need.

How AI Bot Works

AI Bot generates SQL queries based on your text input. You can write in your native language and AI Bot will generate the desired SQL query.

users who whose country is USA
(what you write ✍️)
SELECT * FROM users WHERE country = 'USA';
(AI generated SQL 🤖)

Supported Databases

If you don't see your database, please reach out to us

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Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL)

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