AIHelperBot helps both SQL beginners and seasoned SQL users boost their SQL productivity and proficiency

AIHelperBot is a small startup founded by me, Lasse. I am originally from Denmark but currently live in Berlin (and often also in Denmark) in case you want to meetup.
AIHelperBot's mission is to help users to easily use SQL in their workflow. AIHelperBot saves hours of work per week or even day. It broadens your capabilities using SQL and enables you to get deep data insights. To see how, checkout our video tutorials.
AIHelperBot can either be used as it is, just by typing what you want to get and it will generate the SQL query for you. However we have also build some nifty features that helps you explore and build highly-accurate SQL queries. Features include:
  • Lots of pre-canned SQL examples
  • SQL query history
  • Save and share generated SQL snippets
  • Import database schema in a few clicks
  • Connect with database
  • and more...
So I encourage you to try it out and see for yourself.
About aihelperbot.com
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