How To Connect to Your Database to AI Bot


Connecting to your database is a simple and it turns AI Bot into highly accurate SQL query builder and data analyst. This is a powerful feature that enables users to gain important insights from their data without having to write any SQL queries or wait for developers or data analysts to do it for them.

Once connected you can see how to use AI Bot to build SQL queries.

Connect to your database

To connect to your database simply fill in the database connection URL using the following format:


Example if you are using a database hosted on AWS RDS (using a READ ONLY user is recommended):


Add your connection URL to the input field and click on the Connect button and wait for the connection to be established. If the connection is successful, the database schema (not data) will be saved locally in your browser and used to generate SQL queries.

Now you can run SQL queries directly on your database by clicking on the Run SQL button when you have build a query.

Static IP addresses

Note: Currently our IP addresses are dynamic and can change at any time. We are working on adding static IP addresses. If you need a static IP address, please reach out to us.

If your database is protected by a firewall, you can whitelist the IP addresses that AI Bot uses. All requests to your database will come from these IP addresses:

Supported databases

Currently we support MySQL and PostgreSQL. We are working on adding support for more databases (Oracle and MSSQL).

Privacy and security

We do not store any of your data or use it anywhere. All data is stored locally in your browser. We do not have access to your database and we do not have access to your data. You can add the database schema (not the actual data) and database connection URL to AI Bot to make it easier to use and to generate better SQL queries. The added database schema and connection URL can be deleted at any time by clicking on the Delete button.


If you have any feedback or questions, please reach out to us at or via the contact form.